Waterfalls & Swamps

Travel Package

6 days


Estero de Ibera │ Iguazu


Day 1: Arrival Ibera – Estero de Ibera

By bus or plane you arrive to the Corrientes Province where the Ibera swamps are located. By jeep you follow a gravel road and finally reach the comfortable lodge. The huge swamp area Esteros del Iberá boasts over 60 lakes and numerous wetlands. The swamps alone stretch across an area of nearly 2 million (!) soccer fields. They are therefore among the largest protected water systems in the world.

Day 2: Estero de Ibera

Today you visit the Ibera Lagoon on a boat trip through the swamp. On this trip you get the chance to spot swamp deer, capybaras, giant otters as well as over 300 different bird species. In the afternoon you learn about the impressive flora of the lagoons, which are also homeland to monkeys. You can explore this natural forest area by canoe, bike or car.

Day 3: Estero de Ibera

Today you undertake a small hike to the Interpretation Center of Ibera in order to learn about the project of reintroducing Yaguaretes (wildcats) into the wild. Then you have some free time for relaxing. In the early evening you explore the swamps once again, this time from a different, but equally beautiful angle.

Day 4: Ibera – San Ignacio – Iguazu

On a 7 hour drive you make your way by jeep through beautiful landscapes to Iguazu. In San Ignacio you can stop to enjoy an Argentinian lunch at one of the best preserved Jesuit reductions. The Wanda mines are also well worth a visit. Once you arrive to Iguazu, the rest of the day is at your own disposal.

Day 5: Argentina – Iguazu Falls

Today you go on an excursion to the Iguazu Waterfalls. On boardwalks and bridges, which meander throughout the tropical forest, you experience this unique environment and get spoiled with breath taking views of the uncountable waterfalls. On a small train you arrive to a pedestrian bridge which leads to the upper edge of the fascinating “Garganta del Diablo”, Devil´s Throat. By boat you go on the Inferior River and get so close to the powerful waterfalls you’ll feel their mist. In the afternoon you go back to the hotel.

Day 6: Brazil – Iguazu Falls – Departure

Today you need your passport as you are crossing the border to Brazil. The Iguazu waterfalls technically belong to Argentina, but the enormous size of this natural wonder is much more observable from the Brazilian side. Enjoy the view of the “Boca del Diablo”, the most impressive part of the falls. In the early afternoon you go back to the hotel and to the airport to make your way to your next travel destination.