Mystic Easter Island

Travel Package

5 days



Hanga Roa│ Moais statues │ Vaihu │ Akahanga │ Rano Raraku │ Rano Kau │ Orongo


Day 1: Arrival in Hanga Roa

After an approx. 5.5-hour flight you will reach the idyllic island in the Pacific Ocean. On arrival, you will be greeted with a typical flower chain and reach your hotel after a short transfer time.

Day 2: Full day trip on the island

After breakfast, you start your full-day excursion which takes you around the island today. First, you drive to the south-east coast of the island, where you visit the not yet restored platforms (Ahus) Vaihu and Akahanga with their overturned Moais statues. Then continue your trip north to the Rano Raraku volcano. On the slopes of this volcano is the quarry where the Moais were made, and in the late afternoon, you have plenty of time to bathe in the warm Pacific or relax under palm trees on the white sandy beach of Anakenas before returning to your hotel.

Day 3: Half day trip on the island

Today’s half-day excursion takes you to the southern tip of the island, up to the Rano Kau volcano. From there you have a great view of the whole island and the Pacific Ocean. You can also admire the crater of this extinct volcano, which is crisscrossed by several small lakes at another vantage point. Afterwards, you visit the ceremonial village Orongo, where in the early 15th century the competition for the “Hombre Pájaro” (birdman) took place.

Day 4: Free day

This day is at your leisure to explore the island on your own in order to explore the island.

Day 5: Departure from the island

Today you say goodbye to the mystic Easter Island. A transfer will take you to your flight to Hanga Roa airport.