SIC Tour Ecuador

SIC Tour

12 days


Quito │ Otavalo │ Tren de la Libertad │ Amazon │ Puyo │ Guamote │ Chimborazo │ Cotopaxi


Day 1: Quito – Otavalo

In the morning you will visit the colonial old town of Quito (UNESCO World Heritage Site) where you take a stroll through the narrow streets to the beautiful plazas and splendid churches. You then continue to the equatorial monument “Mitad del Mundo”. In the afternoon you travel north to Otavalo.

Day 2: Otavalo – Cuicocha

In the morning you will explore the surroundings of the Cuicocha Crater Lagoon during an 4-5 hour hike through the flora of the Andean highlands. After a traditional lunch in Cotacachi, you will visit a small archaeological museum. In the afternoon you stroll through the Otavalo market where you can try the exotic fruits and vegetables.

Day 3: Otavalo – Tren de la Libertad

A train ride full of contrasts takes you through Imbabura today. Starting in Otavalo, the train ride takes you to Salinas where you can enjoy the culture and history of the Afro-Ecuadorians. Along the way the train makes many stops, where you will get insights into the history, music, gastronomy, craft, and above all the spectacular scenery of the northern Andes.

Day 4: Otavalo – Papallacta – Amazon

Enjoy a walk early in the morning through the streets of the Andean town of Otavalo to observe the lively market activity in Plaza de Poncho and the Andean culture of the Otavaleños. Afterward you continue over an Andean Pass of 4,050m/13,287ft altitude into a valley at 3,300m/10,826ft where thermal springs feed the most beautiful Spa in the country. In the afternoon you reach Hakuna Matata, the cozy rainforest lodge in the midst of a private protected forest.

Travel Dates Ecuador 2022

Date 01: 19/01/2022 (*) German speaking tour guide
Date 02: 09/02/2022
Date 03: 09/03/2022 (*) German speaking tour guide
Date 04: 13/04/2022
Date 05: 04/05/2022 (*) German speaking tour guide
Date 06: 01/06/2022
Date 07: 15/06/2022
Date 08: 29/06/2022 (*) German speaking tour guide
Date 09: 13/07/2022
Date 10: 27/07/2022
Date 11: 10/08/2022 (*) German speaking tour guide
Date 12: 24/08/2022
Date 13: 31/08/2022
Date 14: 07/09/2022 (*) German speaking tour guide
Date 15: 21/09/2022
Date 16: 12/10/2022
Date 17: 26/10/2022 (*) German speaking tour guide
Date 18: 09/11/2022
Date 19: 16/11/2022
Date 20: 07/12/2022 (*) German speaking tour guide

Note: This tour can be combined with the “SIC Tour Galapagos”.

Day 5: Amazon

This morning you will go on a hike through the protected rainforest of the lodge. Your nature guide will point out the particularities along the way, from medicinal plants, to the animals that hide in the dense green scenery. The destination of the hike is the small village of Santa Rita, where a delicious jungle lunch awaits you. Afterwards, the experts from Pacari show you how to make delicious chocolate from the local cocoa beans. After returning to the lodge, you can enjoy the afternoon at your leisure.

Day 6: Amazon

In the early morning you head to the small river of Arajuno and together with your guide you ride in a canoe to a clay lick, where you can observe hundreds of parrots and parakeets. You continue in the canoe to the indigenous Quichua community of Santa Barbara to taste many local dishes in a typical jungle buffet with the community. Later you drive to the small jungle town of Misahualli for a typical “Almuerzo” (Lunch). After a small walk through the village and its surroundings you return to the lodge.

Day 7: Amazon – Puyo – Macas

After breakfast you drive to Puyo where you will visit an Animal Rescue Center to observe some tropical animals of the Amazon region and meet some monkeys face to face. From here you continue deeper into the rain forest to the small jungle town of Macas. Here you can relax in the afternoon in a nice rainforest Hosteria.

Day 8: Macas – Atillo Lakes – Guamote

A short drive will take you to Shuar territory where you will go for a hike through the rain forest to a sacred waterfall. Here you will perform the waterfall ceremony of the Shuar. Afterwards you can refresh yourself with a soak in the waterfall and try the typical food of the Shuar. Later you continue to the Atillo Lakes, crossing the Andean highland to Guamote.

Day 9: Guamote – Riobamba

Visit the traditional Andean Market of Guamote in the early morning. Later you explore the area of ​​Guamote and visit one of the surrounding small villages to get an insight into the life of the Kichwa population. In the afternoon you travel to Riobamba, surrounded by the mountains of Chimborazo, Carihuayrazo, El Altar, and Tungurahua. The city is considered to be the most important agricultural center of the Ecuadorian Andes.

Optional “Devil’s Nose”: After visting the market of Guamote you will drive to the small train station of Alausi and begin the famous train ride. Here the train manages the most difficult passage – the”Devil’s Nose” – where it manages over 100m/328ft in altitude difference in zigzag sweeps before it reaches Sibambe in the valley. After a short stay you will return to Alausi and drive back to Guamote to meet with the group again.

Day 10: Riobamba – Chimborazo – Latacunga

Today the trip takes you from Riobamba up to the heights of the mighty Chimborazo volcano. On the way you stop at one of the Indigenous Kichwa Communities that live here at heights of over 3,000m/9,842ft. From here you drive up to the mountain hut Hermanos Carrel at 4,800m/15,748ft altitude! The adventurous can hike from here to the Whymper hut at over 5,000m/16,404ft altitude! In the late afternoon you will reach the small town of Latacunga.

Day 11: Latacunga – Zumbahua – Quilotoa – Chugchilan

A short drive takes you to the village of La Victoria, which is famous for the traditional manufacture of ceramics. Continue to the Andean market of Zumbahua and experience the noisy and chaotic market before heading to the beautiful crater lagoon, Quilotoa. On a short hike you can enjoy the changing views of the lagoon and the surrounding Andes Mountains.

Day 12: Chugchilan – Cotopaxi – Quito

In the morning you drive to the 400 year old Hacienda La Cienega where you will enjoy a coffee break in this nostalgic atmosphere before visiting a nearby flower farm to experience the many colors and fragrances of the wide rose fields. Afterwards you will explore the Cotopaxi National Park. During an easy hike around Limpiopungo Lagoon you will learn about the typical vegetation of the Andes and, with good weather, will have fantastic views of the impressive Cotopaxi. In the mountain refuge Tambopaxi you will have lunch surrounded by the mountains Sincholagua and Cotopaxi before returning to Quito.

Travel Dates Ecuador 2023

Date 01: 18/01/2023 (*) German speaking tour guide
Date 02: 08/02/2023
Date 03: 08/03/2023 (*) German speaking tour guide
Date 04: 12/04/2023
Date 05: 03/05/2023 (*) German speaking tour guide
Date 06: 31/05/2023
Date 07: 14/06/2023
Date 08: 28/06/2023 (*) German speaking tour guide
Date 09: 12/07/2023
Date 10: 26/07/2023
Date 11: 09/08/2023 (*) German speaking tour guide
Date 12: 23/08/2023
Date 13: 30/08/2023
Date 14: 06/09/2023 (*) German speaking tour guide
Date 15: 20/09/2023
Date 16: 11/10/2023
Date 17: 25/10/2023 (*) German speaking tour guide
Date 18: 08/11/2023
Date 19: 15/11/2023
Date 20: 06/12/2023 (*) German speaking tour guide

Note: This tour can be combined with the “SIC Tour Galapagos”.