M/C Anahi

Galapagos Cruise

8 days


Santa Cruz │ Genovesa │ Plazas │ Santa Fe │ San Cristobal │ Española │ Floreana │ Santa Cruz


Day 1: Baltra – Bachas

Your arrival will occur about midday and after a short bus ride you go on board of the Yacht Anahi. Once on board the Captain and crew will welcome you and you can enjoy your lunch. In the afternoon you visit the Playa Bachas where you can sometimes see flamingos and other coastal birds.

Day 2: Genovesa

Today you visit the bird island Genovesa where different bird sanctuaries have their nesting site: frigate birds, boobies, darwin´s finches and many more. In the morning you visit Darwin bay where you can observe many sea birds with their nests. In the afternoon you visit the “Prince Philip´s Steps”. Here you climb 25m/82ft of cliff and reach a platform which is ideal for bird watching.

Day 3: Plazas & Santa Fe

First you visit the small island Plazas with its extraordinary vegetation of cactus. Here you can also spot land iguanas, swallow-tailed gulls and other sea bird. After lunch you visit Española island. Here you can see a small forest of Opuntias and explore the underwater world snorkeling.

Day 4: San Crisobal – Leon Dormido

In the morning you arrive on San Cristobal and visit Punta Pitt. Here you can spot three different booby species and frigate birds, go on a walk and go snorkeling. In the afternoon you reach the famous rock formation “Leon Dormido” where you can see sharks, rays and colorful fish while snorkeling.

Day 5: San Cristobal

Today you visit the highland of San Cristobal. First you go to the El Junco lagoon and then to the turtle breeding center. After lunch you visit the interpretation center which is located at the city beach of Puerto Baquerizo and walk for 30-40 minutes to the frigate bird hill where you can enjoy a great view over the island. At the beach of Punta Carola you get to see a huge colony of sea lions.

Day 6: Española

In the morning you visit Punta Suarez which is famous for its diversity of birds. Here you can spot the well known Galapagos albatross. In the afternoon you visit Gardner Bay where you can swim together with sea lions.

Day 7: Floreana

In the morning you explore Punta Cormoran where one can see the biggest and most beautiful flamingo lagoon. Additionally there are two beaches that invite you for swimming. After lunch you visit the Post Office bay.

Day 8: Santa Cruz – Baltra

In the morning you say goodbye to the crew and you will be transferred to the airport on Baltra Island. On the way you have 2 visit points: a walk in the Galapagos National Park turtles breading center and Interpretation Center “Fausto Llerena” and a visit to a farm where you find a nice green lush area on the highlands of Santa Cruz.